Simple Procedural Walk Documentation

Welcome to the Simple Procedural Walk documentation, an Unreal Engine 4 & 5 plugin that allows to procedurally animate Characters' Skeletal Meshes so that they appear to be walking.


You can find the plugin on the Unreal Marketplace here.

Simple Procedural Walk is particularly targeted at robotic or insectoid creatures, though it can be used in many other scenarios as well. Note though that while it can animate bipeds such as Mechs, it's not intended to be used with organic characters such as humans or dogs, as their movements are in general better rendered with data coming from motion captures.

Simple Procedural Walk allows to add procedural animations to Characters that do not have any.

Procedural animation means that the walk cycle is computed in real-time. Contrary to more classical pre-recorded animation cycles, procedural animations allow for a more realistic interaction with the surroundings, as the legs and feet adapt to the surroundings and to the changes in characters' movement.

Since procedural animations can be quite costly, Simple Procedural Walk is entirely written in C++ as a custom animation node that you can use in your Animation Blueprints:

Animation Node


  • Single configurable Animation Blueprint node.
  • Use any number of legs (2 and 2+).
  • Advanced Solver looks for footholds when no ground is available.
  • Body gets animated as well (location & rotation).
  • Easy to integrate with your existing Characters & Pawns.
  • Support for moving and rotating platforms.
  • 40+ parameters to customize your walk cycle.
  • Callback Events (from an interface) for foosteps & other effects.
  • Compatible with Control Rig.
  • Beta support for third party code & plugins that implement custom gravity (which involve capsule rotation).
  • Supports scaled actors.
  • Entirely written in C++ for performance optimization.


Current limitations:

  • Only Character & Pawn Actors are supported.