One Step Ahead is a multiplayer simulation game where you can choose to play the role of a fugitive, military or a K-9 unit.
As a fugitive, stay alive and complete your primary goal. As military, team up with K-9 units to track fugitives down.

Meet the fugitives

Hide in the shadows. Lose your tracks. Better: use them.

Meet the K-9 units

Your dogs can track the fugitives. Do not to lose them.

Meet the Military

You know what to do. Always.


Day. Night. Summer. Winter. It might rain, it might snow, or you might be blinded by the Sun. Be prepared.


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Who are you?

Misultin Games is basically one main developer, Roberto Ostinelli, and many different milsim enthusiasts that help testing and improve the game. It would be very difficult to entirely produce a game single-handed, fortunately I can take advantage of the awesome assets that some great content providers make available on Unreal's and other marketplaces. Then, some minor content (like GPS interfaces) or tweaks have been done autonomously.

What is the current development state of One Step Ahead?

The game is in early development stage, but its main core aspects have been defined.

What about the story?

The story is rather simple. There is a small number of fugitives that need to exfiltrate. They can use a map and a GPS to get to the possible exfil points, and set a certain number of traps to cover their back. On their tracks, there is a small number of K-9 units that can use their canines to find the fugitives. The bulk of the chasers is then made up of a military team that works closely with the K-9 units.

The goal is for players to fill a role and think strategically. I encourage a simulative approach and act as you would do in real life. If you're interested in FPS with a lot of firing action, this game might not be for you. Instead, a creative and realistic approach can offer you simulative real life scenarios.

What platforms will you support?

I am currenlty targeting only Windows, but will consider other OS for future releases.

Where can I get it?

I plan on distributing One Step Ahead only on Steam.

What game engine are you using?

Unreal Engine. I simply love it!

What is a "Misultin" and how do you pronounce it?

Misultin (pronounced mee-sool-téen) are a culinary specialty of the Lake of Como. They are lake fishes that go by the latin name of Alosa fallax lacustris, treated and cooked in a traditional and specific way.